Bộ Lọc Khí Nén /SMC Clean Air Filter SFD100-C06

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Bộ Lọc Khí Nén Thành Phần/Clean Air Filter SFD Series (SFD100-C06)

Clean Air Filter SFD Series with clear resin case.
· Filtration: 0.01 μm.
· Initial pressure drop: 0.03 MPa.
· Maximum operating pressure: 1.0 MPa.
· Use with clean air blowers / ionizer blowers.
· Use for chamber substitution and fluid pumping.


Type Standard Compressed Air Quality General Dry Air
Filtration Level 0.01μm Connection Type [One-Touch Plumbing] One-Touch Pipe
Plumbing Thread Nominal - Operating Environment Standard / Clean Room Specifications (Prevent dust)
Drain Cock No Bowl Material [Plastic] Polycarbonate Case
Bowl Guard No Connecting Tube Diameter φ6
Size of Body 1 Accessory None
Connection type on OUT side One-touch piping Connection port diameter on OUT side -
Connection tube diameter on OUT side ø6 -

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