MTD Series - In-Line Mixed Flow Duct Fan

1. Over view

•  Specifically designed for direct connection with industrial circular ducting of standard diameter.

•  Incorporate a powerful motor which is factory matched to a mixed flow impeller.

•  Delivers high airflow performance with minimum noise generation and high static pressure typically found in ducted ventilation systems.

2. Spectification

Quick Facts

•  Suitable for ducted ventilation system

•  Size from 100 to 315 mm

•  Capacities to 1800 m3/h

•  Easy Installation and maintenance

Operating Temperature

Maximum operating temperature +40 degC


MTD Series fans are fitted with direct connection two speed motors as standard with thermal over load protection. All motors are suitable for speed control regulation using electronic or auto-transformer.

3. Accessories


Mounted at the inlet or outlet of the fan, the grille prevents the entry of any foreign objects.

Back-Draft Shutter

Mounted at the outlet of the MTD fan, the shutter prevents the air recirculating when the fan is not in use.

Rectangular Duct Adapters

The adapter enables the MTD fan to be connected to rectangular ducting. 

4. Construction

MTD models are manufactured in tough reinforced plastic, except models 100, 250/1, 250/2 & 315 in steel casing and finished in tough epoxy-polyester paint coating.

Impeller blades moulded in tough ABS plastic, except models 250/1, 250/2 & 315, constructed from pressed galvanised sheet steel.

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